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There's a mile of claw and 'cat-gut' suture,
Strung out,
Running all through this worn-out future.

Before it's even come, the down-side has won,
In cast to subjugate,
All of my 'Johnny come late'.

In these blown-out phases, ruled in ennui's stasis,
The out right disease and malaise,
Of too many faster races, aged all my faces.

Now I'm tired of too hard trying,
Sorrier for my lying,
Bored silly with rhyming,
Sooner be dying.

So the poetic impulse, grows weary of insult,
The happy endings, of so many words bending,
Slow down in remorse.

And the future,
Is lost,
Of course. . .

Lost? Yes.
Now I'm free.

And I'm back again, not ready to end,
This word-play in gain, that I simply arraign,
There must be some good,
Down under the hood.

I will sustain, I should,

(Just for the fun of it)

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Bathed in wind and sun
Washing over hill top sky
... continued
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Heaven,for some,is the most beautiful place
and for Christians we are headed there to win the race.
Heaven,for others, they have not a clue
That is why we want to share the good news with you.
Heaven, is open to all who believe that God sent his son
to die for the sins of the world, for each and everyone.
Heaven, is a place that all are welcome to come,
No one is excluded no matter what or where they come from.
Heaven, is God's home to all who accept his free gift,
not by works, but by grace, we praise God as our hands lift.
Heaven, where our Father lives,is our final destination
His presence is a beautiful and magnificent sensation.
Heaven, is without sorrow, suffering and pain,
Filled with only joy and love that pours out like rain.
Heaven, is what God wants for all his children,
He gave you free will to choose to be free from sin.
Heaven, the journey is not easy for most,
but there we live forever with the Lord of Hosts.

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Hope is one thing
That most people don't have
I mean why have hope
When the world is so bad.
\You've had hope all your life
Just for it to get torn down.
People you love die, people leave,
And you're left alone in town.
\But when you give up on hope,
You're basically giving up on life.
If you don't have hope,
Then you don't have anything but strife.
\I hope you reach all your dreams
And through the sky you fly.
I hope you never feel sorrow
And you never have to watch someone die.
\I hope you never learn the word hate
And you always believe in love.
I hope that with this poem you spread hope
Around because in life hope is just enough.

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They all think life is great
Then finally they awake,
In a world so strange
Where they hit an earthquake.
\The world is so crazy
With people pushing and shoving,
Through crowds and even babies
Where is the brotherly loving?
\Now we are all left alone
With no place to go,
No dogs to give a bone
We are becoming weak and slow.
\What happened to the thing
That we call life,
We used to be active and sing
But now here we strive.

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In His Presence, I feel so safe.
Safe to seek Him daily to escape.
Escape from th rat race and stress.
Stress from the pressures, to rest.
\Rest in Him and be still and know.
Know that He is my rock and my God.
God is my refuge and sweet comforter.
Comforter which brings me such peace.
\Peace that passeth all understanding.
Understanding of all people and souls.
Souls that are lost and souls found.
Found by obeying God's call in His Presence.

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The Love of God is mighty,
It is also sweet as a dove.
The Love of God is better,
than any other kind of love.
\Love that you can count on,
forever, each and every day.
Love that is a solid rock,
and Love that leads the way.
\Love that fills my heart with joy,
Precious and so divinely true.
The Love of God is priceless,
He loves me and He loves you!
\His Love is filled overflowing,
In a new heart He has given to me.
This special love is His gift,
It's a love that will set you free!
\The Love of God, we don't deserve,
But He freely gives it any way.
He created us just for His Love,
His Everlasting Love is here to stay!

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Light of
a Candle
in it's
warms my
heart and
soul within,
quiet time,
of worship,
of prayer,
I bask in HIS
presence of
light that shines
so bright, and says,
"Be Still, Know that I am"

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