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My first born daughter arrived with a little strife,
She was long overdue and took her time in labour,
But gave a mighty cry for her first breath of life.
... continued
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So scared to let someone in

because of so much pain and distrust.

What if I get attached,

what if my heart misses you when you aren’t around.

The future makes me wary

because of so many if’s in the question.

There are many parts of my brain that tell me to stay

guarded off because of falling,

not having someone there to always catch me.

Who should win- my brain or my heart?

I can’t help but worry,

of wanting to run away rather than

facing the possibility that someone could love me again.

I stop my mouth from saying the words

that chance my heart of finding pain once again.

I have given up on staying where I am right now,

and getting ready to follow the next steps of my life.

Knowing how short this life can be makes me want to jump

with you and not care what happens when we land.

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What unseen hands dutifully groom,
This single artifact or that heirloom,
To endear the silent tear to entreat,
... continued
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Laying on a bed of damp earth watching as stars brighten then fade in the cold night sky beholding the moons bone white glow.

The harsh winter breeze nips at my face and hands but yet I am content.
... continued
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Oh the stranger sitting in front of me
... continued
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Many try to think that words do not cut deep.
Many are wrong,
Not understanding words are strong.
... continued
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Stand still..listen and observe the world around you. Every being both living and wandering from other realms. See beyond the outward appearance, dare to see into their souls, are they true?

Do their words have meaning, or is it only sound falling upon naive ears dripping with your own demise?
... continued
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I'm axle-rod to the dandelion,
The twist that memory hangs on.

... continued
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