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Not long ago, I thought I was never wrong, I thought I was perfect. I realized after many fights and arguments that my mentality was the cause of the conflict. With your endless love and support, I've been shaped into a better boyfriend. I'm now confident in us and am sure that it will never end. Through the hard times and the good, you've always been there for me, like a true lover should. I thought I had to always be strong, be tough, be unemotional. But in the hardest of times you've shown me that I can lean on you, that support throughout lifes struggles need to be directly proportional. You've taught me to always give more than you receive. To never doubt one another, to trust wholeheartedly, and just believe. Believe in you, like you believe in me. Believe in our love, forever and eternity. When I lay down and close me eyes at night, there's always the same memory that floods my sleepy sight. Its the precious memory of your intoxicating kiss. The kind of kiss only a soul mate can give, this kind of kiss is nothing less than pure bliss. Happiness is temporary, sadness is too. The only thing that'll last forever, is my love for you. Unconditional an unwavering, its an emotion that is hard to explain. I've tried many times in the past to explain how I feel in words, but it just keeps getting worse. Tonight while dreaming about you I finally realized, I can finally explain it to you, you just need to stare deep in my eyes. If we look deep enough baby, we'll see each others souls and each others hearts. My lifes puzzle is now complete, bc your heart and soul were always the missing parts. I can't thank God enough for blessing me with my own little angel, and I can't wait for the day when I hear that wedding bell. You're honestly my best friend. You always will be, until the very end. Whether we are inches or thousands of miles apart, you'll never be alone baby. You'll always have my heart. I love you baby
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Feel the lust, my bathing girl 
Give me your trust, embrace so tight 
Fill my thirst, my bathing girl 
Be my first, in this blessed night 
With your cold fingers pierced in me 
Swimming and bathing in the middle of the sea 
Chain my body, never to set me free 
Be my joy and my daily glee 
Let me feel your skin, and each bone 
Let me sens this depth unknown 
Together we bath, together we moan 
Rock my ears like a rolling stone 
And i'll rock yours 
Open all your doors 
As we feel our bodies soar 
Consuming the pleasure and seeking for more 
I can feel you nestled on my chest 
I can feel your shapes undressed 
Peaceful and sound 
Spinning me around 
Till' i sink in the dreams 
Of the sound of your sweetest screams 
Let's spark the fire 
Let's roar so hot 
Never to feel the tire 
Let's stand for a longer shot 
You've lit up my heart 
That's gone astray 
Oh, this piece of art 
In which lust has taken way 
As the water is the bed, and wind is the sheet 
You enthralled my body and head, just to make it complete 
Feel my body shivering with bliss 
Floating in the pleasure of your wonderful kiss 
Let me drink the sound of your sympathy 
Seduce me with the sound of your screams 
The sound of your moans speaking the pleasure 
Carrying me to the world of dreams 
Lick... Bite 
Feed me tonight 
Bathe me in your unholy fire 
Immerse me with the great desire 
My beauty, barefoot, undressed 
Providing me with the sugar of her chest 
Swallowing me up inside 
Float back in the water trying to hide 
Oh the blush in her face so shy 
Oh the look of her dazzling eye 
Owning me inside out 
Unchaining me of all the doubt 
Oh feel the magic, my bathing girl 
That'd turn to tragic if you ever leave 
Fill the thirst and the hunger 
Create me a dream in which i'd believe. 
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Moon bright,

... continued
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My beloved you are so sweet
Your beauty even Spring can't beat
Warm more than scorching sun heat
... continued
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I cried a thousand tears..."

I cried a thousand tears for you.
... continued
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Writing is not just about lovely words
It is about discovering the flock of birds
What makes the person behind the story tick
... continued
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I just learned
After being somewhat concerned
... continued
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                                               ~      ~
                                                   ~      ~
... continued
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