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Dance with me under the stars and
dance with me, our own special tune,
twirling and twirling, a tango, a waltz,
dance with me and we will never part.

Sing with me in harmony,
sing with me, our destiny,
sing near mountains or gentle streams,
sing about sunlight or the moon's gentle beam.

Run with me to heaven and back,
run with me upon beaches of sand,
our own sweet pace and hand in hand,
near the gentle silent stream,
the magnificent meadow of the greenest green,
run with me to places unseen.
run with me in this special dream.

Pray with me, to be together once more,
pray with me near heaven's door,
sing and dance and run and pray,
we will have so much to say,
pray to see each other once more,
tapping gently upon heaven's door.

Dream with me in our sweetest dreams,
dream of daylight and moonlit beams,
dream of yesterday and yesterday is today,
dream with me and together we will stay.
running and singing and dancing away.

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My best friend is someone who makes me
laugh when I am down. She's always there
when I need someone to be. My best friend
gives me a shoulder to cry on when I need
it. My best friend always has time to listen
to my problems even when they are or seem
to be stupid or dumb.

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Feelings you experience perhaps once or more
but two of both kinds make up four
yet be confident I'll keep what I have swore
but i believe now i shall have more acquaintance of abhor
Who taught us how to make me love you more
and let;s an example like wind in the hill and tide on the shore

What if all are against like the mob that howls at the door!
Things may engage to confuse you but hold your rank before !!

~~~Jawahar Gupta ~~~

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The chain of my mother's superb smiles
That creates a super chain of thoughts
The bracelet of my father's deep affection
... continued
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when you called to say
that you miss me
i was learning my importance.
... continued
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I have been feeling so lonely
Since my family have tease me
They did that repeatedly to me
... continued
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deafening whisper of the smiling heart
gives silent reminiscences ....
unable to cope up with the
... continued
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look at the world
what a mess
full of pity
... continued
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