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Stood under the tree
Felt quite free
Birds chirped overhead
Dew drops fell on the head
The green leaves touched me
There greenery allured me
The cuckoo 's song
Made my heart throng
The green parrot looked
And made me hooked
I enjoyed my waiting
Under the tree panting

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I've seen a sparrow fight and eagle
I've looked down the barrel of your gun in my face
I've felt the freedom in my heart
... continued
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When I was a child, we lived on a Farm.
We didn't have much money
So we made up our own fun.
... continued
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Shadows, oh what images have danced at a midnights notice?
\Shadows, oh where have I pondered?
\Shadows, oh what would one question when dawn passes?
\Shadows, oh where in have I sought?
\Oh shadows, those in where I have wondered so oft a night.
\Shadows in which I have seen lights haste.
\Oh shadows in which corners lure.
Shadows where in so oft time answers wait.
Shadows which we all know once and before.

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Making reservations get ready
For the amazing wedding
Hopes that you've been preparing
... continued
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The gold smith takes a piece of gold
Turns it into a proper shape with mold
A grand shape has turned into a fine jewellery
Makes every one merry
Like that thrown away body
Does not care for anybody
Decays and the soul adorns
Another shape grooms
Goldsmith converts even old gold
In to a finest shape bold
And so soul acquires a new shape
Like the jewellery got a new drape
The soul forgets the old body
And adjusts the new body

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time doesn’t heal all wounds
instead what happens
that each wound penetrates
into the body deeper and deeper
from epidermis to hypodermis
until one day you find that
the sheer geometry of your bones
the angles of your skull
the projection of your hips,
the sharpness of your shoulders
as well as the glow of your eyes,
the texture of your skin,
the openness of your smile
all these have collapsed under the weight of your griefs.
and you write on a one paper of your life's notebook,
"All those tears shed in the world, where have they gone? "

~~~Jawahar Gupta ~~~

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Cozy, warm and toasty sitting by a fire
Orange and red flames flickering are to admire
Marshmallows and hot chocolate
... continued
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