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Global Warming is here to stay
Ask the glaciers changing today.
Ask people in the Circles, India or Japan
they've seen difference in air and land...
The tornado and typhoons bigger and more frequent now
More destruction and more people killed without a span.
Used to be twenty years or so...a long time ago...
Now almost e very year- Joplin Missouri near.
And what does the President say...
Don't believe...It will go away.
Nature's cycle now a bicycle
Maybe a tricycle...
Together we are stronger
Our President said: No longer.
Angry Nature scale now tipped
Only Trump can go back...
I don't know where...
And all I can do is pray to God,
to make a safe way...
And all I can do is pray to God,
to make a safe way.

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There is this game I love to play
One of words that reveal the soul
I wish the pain away people say
... continued
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No one will be with me at my end
So in this poem I would like to send
A message to all that in their belief
... continued
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Everyday is a mystery
As time passes, we make history

... continued
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Many years pass since the Queen
Saved her Lady in Waiting, from the doom
Of the castle tower!
Her name was Madonna her eyes deep
Blue, her essence filled the room with scent
Of wild flower....
Her presence chased away all gloom!
All eyes would lift gaze on her, when she
entered the room.
She brought warmth to her Queen and
Court, she had Wisdom ,and integrity
Limited compassion, her heart proved
Pure in a enchanting fashion.......
One Day the Queen grew I'll,and
Weak, she sent for her Lady to speak!
Lady Madonna , walked into the room
She looked to the Queen her eyes full
O f doom! " You are the next Queen
My dear, you are my daughter, I had
To conceal, to protect from a danger
So real. Remember our people and
Hold them near, earn Thier respect
There is little you'll fear! My ring my
Seal is in your hand, forgive me , please
understand, I've loved you always,
And always will, rise our life is no
Longer torn, all atone, your rightful
Place is the Throne!! Madonna kissed
Her Mother, Her dieing Queen, an Angel
Lifted her soul and flight did gleam.
Modonna said they have never part
The Mother Queen lives In her heart!!!

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I am looking out of my window
On this darkened summer night
I am really quite amazed
... continued
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You looked so good to me
My heart danced
My legs wobbled
... continued
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Meditation while good
Only in time
Some receive " The Gift "
God's gift beyond time.
I know...been there long ago
People say...How can you be peaceful every day.
Stand for righteousness and gentle play.
Put your values first in others
After.....All sisters and brothers.
Are you Tom religious or spiritual...
I lovethink more than spiritual.
Just Spiritized...
I'm glad I am just me...
Out of everyone from here to Eternity.

I don't want this to sound egotistical or prideful but just love in God, with God and you.

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