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Awesome Quarry

Me angel sent from Heaven to Earth
... continued
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When will the requirement cause for Profit to exceed every value in excess. Success shouldn't be the reason to argue but intention toward ever more Reward in attention......''
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waking up to better days slowly it's coming intuition now that the past is gone and I've awaken in the future........''

''Sunset Gold......''
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''After Fame....'' Success doesn't change it just cause People to find reasons toward Hate'n you......''
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I'm just a dreamer,
Consumed in the fantasy, while
Floating in an abyss of memories and
lost in my mind of thoughts of you.
Drifting constantly between reality
and our fantasy world.
Needing and missing you all at the same time.
And torn between where I want to be,
and were I am.
I'm in love

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Laziness is a trait of our African Ancestry were ''Black Kings....''

Born! Ruyality...''
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When the floor is red
I'm better off dead
Can't get out of my head
... continued
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Do another line. A big waste of time. Does it even help. Help you to unwind. I feel nothing real. No more time needed to heal. The pain I no longer feel. Gone are my emotions. I spent too much time on pointless devotions. I turn to science to find the proper potions. They control their emotions. Why do I write how I feel. This lined paper. It helps me to heal. Too much trauma has been way too real. I can't go forward until I keep it real.
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