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Don't ask me how it happened.
I wrote a poem...

... continued
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Don't worry about me,
I'm still around.
... continued
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The sky was supporting the melody of this sea solo
locked as though in the scales
Of an upset viola...
... continued
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This website is replete with posters with a 10 Grade education.  The comments are so simplistic, lacking vocabulary, and/or laziness, that it behooves real writers to go somewhwere  else.  An erudite poem doesn't stand a chance.  People, posters wake up!!!!!!!! Invest in a good dictionary, At least say something worthy of your intellect.  For the record, good poems don't need twenty dollar words, rather the spirit that make them fly.  Personally, I'm fed up with the mediocity.  Let's raise the standard.  PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Out of the box (T)
I was walking through the graveyard,
... continued
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So, here in a moment of spare time,
    You find yourself gleaning these lines,
To stimulate your idle mind.
... continued
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There you are standing in front of me.
 There you are, dreams turned reality.
 I breathe deeper, love stronger, feel empty no longer.
... continued
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I surmise a Tunisia of honesty
A Tunisia that calls for higher morality
I trust a Tunisia of openness
Sincerity and straightforwardness
Not of cheating, hypocrisy and double-dealing
A Tunisia that appraises every human being
A Tunisia that pledged its citizens dignity
Justice, employment and equality
Enhancement of self-respect and confidence
The aspiration for a surpassing existence
The termination of tyranny, political oppression
The sovereignty to converse without repression
I trust a Tunisia that will dry out the poor’s tears
Dissipate their anxieties and fears
Will implement democracy in each institution
Have strapping faith in progressive swap and evolution
I rely on a Tunisia whose citizens are fully aware
To their country, they devote great care
Condemn bribery and corruption
Geared up to vote freely the day of the election
I surmise a Tunisia that grants opportunities to all
A Tunisia that is determined to thrive, not to fall
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