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Words, laughs, gestures.
Can you hear me?
Slips of syllables.
... continued
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Gentle kiss.

The high-heel is stuck
In some slot
In wooden stairs.
Between day and night
Gap is getting longer
And longer.
You do not have vouchers
No phone,
You have to make noise
So I can hear.
A voice on the wind
Will take the other side,
We must hurry
I will go to sea!
So what do I do?
You’re my favorite
You do not hide
This pretty face
I love
Under your blouse,
Your beauty
Shines with my
Gentle kiss.
Countless small confetti
Take to the dance world
In this wind
And see
My hands
In your hair
Your tears of joy
In my eye.
I love you!
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The rain is again on the streets of my city
Unshackle it from the damp and cold, coffins, despair
…Loneliness, and time is running
... continued
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Bring silence! … Lay your ear upon my chest.
I’ve slowed my heartbeat to one-half at best.

... continued
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Inside its tube, outside the box
cause I said goes Mom and Dad
tells a vision, apparently love
... continued
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I am made from many things. From power and hate, and need, and greed. I’ve come from some, and to too many. I’ve bud from below, for their plenty. I return tenfold until their twenty. I had begged all who had sent me. I had begged all whose past ebbs thee.
Past their store, and past their plenty, to the clover burnt, and inflamed readily.  To devouring the devouring, and expelled steadily. Til the day I can’t afford anymore begging. Til the rare lambent steadily readies thee.
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If winds could speak
If darkness could illuminate
 If your true face was no longer masked
... continued
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Your love increases by leaps and bounds
Even if we are surrounded by rival hounds
Let me assure you on solid love grounds
We will cross horizons declared out of bounds

Endowed with seductive power your charm
Makes love atmosphere more hot and warm
Keeping aside every worldly declared norm
Your graceful form brings me in real form

By getting all opportunities to discover, explore
Let me caress you kiss you and honestly adore
Emotions and feelings crop up from pore to pore
Thirsty eyes at chore ask for more and more

Oh my beloved come and grace me for ever
Extend all your graces and debar me from favor
Let us have a love flight with love so pure
No one should dare to separate us now or never

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2015 Golden Glow

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