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The lights from the stars continuously
Come to greet the loving eyes of Earth
... continued
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the minerals in my body
long for those left behind
... continued
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I stiffened like stone thinking
of what has been days and
nights without any sense
... continued
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The Poor Prince
In the palm of his hand he grips
... continued
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I yearn for the day you'll understand 
Only your touch can weaken my hand
In such powerful way, I must say
It most certainly isn't okay...
Lustrous eyes of a sweet liar
Can they not interpret my blatant desire?
Screaming, so eager to unleash this glorious fire?

My body has become an unfinished piece of art
Only if you paint it will I ever fullfil these calls from my heart
And I've tried it all, all the brushes available
But yours seems to be unexchangeable
Am I a portait which cannot be scratched? 
I'm only incomplete I'm not to be trashed
Do my rhymes not show you how I've been sold?
To you.

This would not be, If your scent had not captivated me
I'm trapped in this immense pink universe of lust
And everywhere I look I confuse what to rely and what to trust
You had me confused my senses are decieving
If I don't come out of this state I won't be healing
But I don't want to heal, I crave for this to be real

I seldom hear my deepest wishes
For they preach only for the unachievable
But I surrender now that I've had a glimpse of your kisses
And I now feel the need to wander in your heart,
Carve my prints as deep as possible 
I must complete this piece of art....
With you, and only you
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Many years of getting it wrong poured
                                    from my eyes...
Sitting in the garden of loneliness with
... continued
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This is where I say thank you. You always did want me to be happy and it still feels like you do. Though I find it strange that you tell me that I still deserve a good woman. You also said that she deserves some good out of me too. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why you said only “some good” out of me, but I can’t help that I want to give so much to someone so special to me. That's why I can't help but thank you. It’s the least I could do and it feels so good to say that. "Thank you," are two words that make my day better just like the three words I used to say to you...and it makes me feel alive again right now. Before you had this effect on me I never knew it would feel this good to have a river run along my face the way my fingertips would run along yours so gently. It almost feels like the time you told me how you felt about my heart when it all began...though with the way I'd rather have it, I hope you keep yours in a safe place, as beautiful as it is. I remember you telling me what you'd do to your own heart just to protect mine, but yours is so precious, it's ridiculous. It's like your mind; comforting and huge...like a dream home you go to when you truly want all good things from now on. I still feel lucky to have been let in like that. That's the way I choose to remember it; feeling like the luckiest man in the world. I want to let you go. I feel it’s the right thing to do; letting you be as free as you are. More importantly and more than anything in the world, I just want to thank you.
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Sometimes the world seems too huge, 
Distance makes me totally confuse. 
Leaving someone for living a normal life, 
... continued
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