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I Remember 9-11...
I Remember where I was in 2001, when each plane hit it's target, time and time again…
... continued
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Silent, inside is dead,
Quiet, inside my head,
Painted pictures hanging on the wall,
... continued
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The snow flitters down like little white feathers
Guess we are forced to except this change
in the weather
... continued
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Sometimes I watch the pattern beneath my eyelids
And it's just like when I think of you
Your spirals and explosions and your many faces
... continued
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Sometimes I show you more than I want you to see,
Still I show you nothing thats inside of me,
If I try to guess why,these things i hide, so you cannot see,
the pain i push, this that I hide, i know its here, but mabey it shouldn't be,
although so badly at times iI needed you,
to untangle these strings hanging over me,
But It really does not matter you see,
If I am just a puppet hanging from string,
It amazes me how Ive fooled you so well,
I thought you would come and help,
I tried and tried to pull away
from the strings , that made me move so strange that way
but I couldnt escape, from this web I made
Just put your eyes in front of mine
you'll see a little better
you'll see the things I cant understand
you'll see what has happened
none of it was ever planned
I still am, this puppet that I am

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I watched the ducks gather outside the pond
They stayed in a group, I guess eating
All were picking steadily so it was evident
... continued
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The sadness that I held within my heart has broken my dreams, I had to battle the good with the bad,I want to be free from being miserable and me having peace of mind,My life was base on madness at the world and cruelty,It would seem like I want give up in life, Although, too much pain and hurt has cause me a broken heart, I had ran for my life out of fear to overcome my worries, I know that I can still survive the heartaches of me not feeling anymore pain inside,I am still trap in my mind with guilt and anger, I am no longer afraid to better my life through no more badness.
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My body belong to one
My heart to another
How do I choose?
... continued
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