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The feeling I feel.
The lonliness that surrounds my life.
The thought of having no one.
I want someone to hold and to
care for.
Someone to love and to talk to.
I used to have those people,
I thought.
They screwed me over.
I thought that they cared for me but I
was wrong.
I thought my best friend was my
I failed to see the truth.
I am lost to the world but now
slowly recovering.

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So gently they came out
Almost a whisper of a sound
They mingled with the stillness
... continued
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Painting on the walls
Lights in the halls 
Living for the fame
Standing in the rain
Burning with the brightest flames
struggling as he claims
Dreaming of glory
Is such a big hurry
9 planets & 2 asters
7 billion people in the world
Just open the gates of those castles
Then let us speake cause we are the world
When it comes to me 
I'll just let it be
Cause i do this for my name
But when i'm in times of trouble
I woke up when you came
Dreams in color and red bubble
I just need to be alone for a moment 
Cause i've always waited for that moment
And i'm feeling a fear
Like it's the thriller night
Come to me i'm here
That seems wrong but also right
Being loved and famed
Is what i'm fighting for
Then get the chance to be well named
And grow finer than before
Cause the strongest person outside
Is the weakest one inside
Scream & stream
And walk beside the stream
Back and forth
West or north
Where to go 
Hight or low
Where to start
It all make sens
I just listen to my heart
Then i put up my defence
All that seems like lost words
When its meanning flies with black birds
Feeling dumb
Cause that's numb
Saying i like to use the term 'misunderstood'
It makes me think about my childhood
& it's my surprise 
When i see the sunrise
Booth past & present tense
To jump the fence
I knew already 
That's the best melody
I'm going away 
To find my Milky way
It was at the end of February
When the world was cold
And dark like the blackberry
Then a bitter wind howled 
Life is like a song 
Sometimes we go wrong
i know it takes long 
But whatever you did, you stay strong
we just don't have to cry
When we say good bye
There's only one life
So let me live it
Take this knife
And to me give it
To kill the sorrow 
And smile for tomorrow
Try to be one of that kind
If you don't wanna be left behind
setting my soul free 
while sitting under a tree 
I decide to make a change
& go on to create my chance
So shine on me 
& sing Do Re Mi
Try to be alright
One day you'll meet the one you left 
If life doesn't go right
Then just go on, and turn left
An angel sent from above
To share with us love
It will not tear us apart
But fix a broken heart
Empty space 
In a shocked face
looking into your eyes
Is like eating cherry pies
Legend of history
Truth behind a mystery
I'm on fire
It Keeps me wide awake
you're nothing but a liar
But now i'll make you shake
When i take a stand
And rise my hand
It's a life of mine
& i'm not getting out of line
If that's what you call respect:
(Looking at my outstanding intellect) 
Then the truth is not this way in fact
So show me how to react
Saying i'm so sorry
Don't just worry
I gotta make a move 
So come to see what i have to prove
That's all i've ever wanted 
Any way i'll find how to keep it
Now the boat landed
And i don't know how to deal with it 
It's not a choice
But i hear i voice 
Inside of my head
Saying don't be afraid
I still remember 
It was september
Now it's just a memory
That i think of, on february
Take me home 
I want to reach the point of no return
Take me to my room
Then hold on cause this is my turn
I want to feel that pride 
Of being known everywhere
Cause i've always tried 
But it takes me nowhere
The meaning of being lost
Or feeling like you're a gosth
When you realise that your aims are impossible
And all you live for is unreachable
There's no solution
But only dilution 
Fire is burning wood
& i'm dreaming to get a role in Hollywood
Start a new page 
& forget the past
see that rockstar on the stage
This is it at last
Just keep it clean
If you know what i mean
So Complicated
After being gated
Two cups on the table
Sweet reunion
Tell me your fable
That costs 1 million
Counting stars of the night skies
Tears drop in my eyes
Falling on my knees 
Wishing to find the peace
Then i heard a song
And realise that it's been too long
A smile was drawn in my face  
Even if it wasn't the case
Let me recover my lost things
Or wear diamond rings
It was a honest mistake
But there's a chance that i'll take
Stay "Up all night"
& think of the ones who made it
Dream about the light
Or break the limit
Upside down
People of my home town
Crossing the earth
Going trough the pain
People who have been hurt
Can't quit waiting for the rain 
Listen to me first 
It may be better or worst
I'm seeing it but it's so far
hazy, but it's still the shining star
Let's be honest
From the east to the west
Leave out all the rest
Behind & take the best
See the crowd around 
Singing with me every sound
Keeping my head up high and going straight 
This way i'll live it up then count to eight
Late but so early 
I feel it by my side nearly 
It's something i just can't stop doing
Or actually dreaming of
all my scars that i've stopped showing
made me need more love
But i think i'm gonna walk this road alone
Beating my fear that seems like a fish bone
No one can make me stop
Cause there's always a hope
But mine is made from nothing
That means it's made from everything
Swearing to get what i want 
Getting all over it cause i knew you won't
An idea in my head
Is gonna make me lead
Some live to have fun
Some just live to see the sun 
And i weake up every morning the see the sun
But i'm seeing a man with a gun 
Dry or wet
It may be incredible
Just keep calm and sit
Cause i believe in a miracle
When someone does everything to see you higher
And you work hard like a fighter 
The day after will be happier
there's no doubt when you see the fire
And the black bird is still flying on the sky
Although truth is nothing but a lie 
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The gypsy dances,
The gypsy sways,
She never stays.
... continued
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a mismatch of absolutely absolute disguise
indulging in so many such a  paradise
devulging inocense and purity
... continued
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 Paryusana…festival on card
From today Jain sect shall observe
... continued
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What do you do when two minds take over one head?
the wisdom is lost in this hallway with no end.
Trapped by this feeling that doesn't feel,
... continued
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To unleash a burden, is like touching hell and heaven.
To cary this weight is not an easy task.
Your heart can be heavy at times.
... continued
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