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Shri Sai Samarth Shri Swami Samarth
O Sadguru Shri Swami Samartha!
A miracle happened when I worshipped you!
... continued
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Another night spent in sorrow
Tears flood my eyes like rain water
... continued
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Crowns of glory will  
be worn by those  
that will live life 
through their  
inner being, the spirit;  
and not depending  
on what is only seen,  
but also the unseen,  
to judge. 
While the visible 
seems close as being 
nearby, the courage 
to reach such is hard 
to come by, sometimes. 
Prayers and  
supplication are what 
to apply, for every 
Storms in life are 
temporary; but they  
may look difficult atimes; 
yet, hope can only 
be what to dwell on, 
with the sanctity  
and approval 
from Heaven 
Crowns of glory, 
we are told, with golden 
ornaments abound, 
to wear. The grave, 
a simpleton's figment 
of imagination;  
a shrift, if only we will  
be truthful to our faith  
and to ourselves. 
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It's a day
and that's okay
In the month of May
... continued
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She seems to live a normal life to outsiders looking in
She puts on a smile and quite an act to hide the pain within
her neck is sore and body aches as she works the day away
... continued
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As a child you see it all. As a teen sight still very clean. In the ths thirty seconds eyes start to change.

Forays fifths struggle to see a little, now 60es you tell your your self no I'm fine I can see with my glasses, to your surprise doc say let's take off coatracks, so we started with left,
... continued
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Through my head,
to the tip of the pen, 
the word has to travel,
... continued
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Psst! Did you too nod like me,
Whilst cogitating the operandi
To mutilate his smug face?
... continued
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