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I miss the mischief.
I miss the excitement, the longing.
I miss the hunger, the craving, the thirst.
... continued
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Warriors weep for one another
for their sister or their brother,
in this war there is no gender
people are the great offender.

We sent our children off to war
to help some others even their score,
now it's the warrior's who weep
when one falls down in the sweep.

Warriors join because warriors are
fighter spirits when they're driven too far
all the brave will fight for a cause
and we're proud of them, we're their ma's!
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 When scared by loneliness
I open my poetry book to meet my friends
All my agonies burried to depths .
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Weep no more my child,
I am here with you, by your side.

... continued
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What can I do or say,
... continued
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I'm sorry you don't understand my pain.
I can't be sorry for being real, but only my mistakes. Sorry for so many things, but it's more about that I'm apologizing to myself not you. I she'd tears and I say sorry for everybody else who might not deserve it. Saying sorry does, not make me weak I just hold on to no regrets. I would rather say to a person that I am sorry, then not have the day to say it to you at all.

... continued
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My whole life I've spent confined to a cell
... continued
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