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What is the ultimate goal of bodily satisfaction?
If I am to tell the answer, “It is just exhaustion.”
... continued
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A thief caught and summoned before the king.
The king decided to hang him as per the ruling,
... continued
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These are the ones
Who force pity on you,
Who judge and gesture
... continued
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... continued
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*A POEM TO Z (Abecedarian)*
A Poem to Z of All's well that ends well,dell or hell
Because poem talks about brain,drain and humanity

Cares,black and brown residents of truth and sanity

Don't tell anyone that you will be the next President

Everything will alright by using wisdom of precedent

From the daily serious hindrances of house holders

Gender and sexuality have all the real seven folders

Hear and make the man made machine to weather

I know a need inspires an eagle to shed her feather

Just a swift action of faith to do right job in right time

Knows the reality will bring more springs of sublime

Leaves behind all information to reach the edge

Master of eternity never gift a Reindeer and a sledge

Neither confer you an honour or a prestigious position

Our lady of Lucky Karma helps in values and mission

Paris and Helen are a prize or a priceless ambition

Questions to know the Stop and Shop of an exhibition

Respect the void of barren mind of fools and clown

Speak with many tongues to split the shyness down

Think change we want to bring in habits and habitats

Understand the grip of paw helping wild and pet cats

Violence is disturbing the whole so love nonviolence

When a few causes tension,then love is the essence

X-mas is a festival to Love,Forgive and Forbearance

Year after year rewards us a gift of Holy assurance

Zero tolerance or Hero tolerance all on your insurance

~~~~~~ Jawahar Gupta~~~

Related to acrostic, a poem in which the first letter of each line or stanza follows sequentially through the alphabet.

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I am a total stranger
Standing on a foreign shore
to eliminate feeling bore
... continued
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Hope and betrayal
Eng- raven in my brain
Non stop travel
... continued
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From the humble spring they rise.
And water so sweet to drink,
Some flow through an easy bed;
... continued
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