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What she doesn't know can't hurt, they say
I wonder if she's ever felt this way
Knowing what I'm losing, I'd leave a lot behind
... continued
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You speak to me in spoken word I sing to you in song
You play for me a loving harp I ring for you a gong
I give to you a rose and you give to me a grass
You give to me of whittled wood I give to you of glass
I make for you an omelet you cook for me a steak
I make for you a cherry pie for me you bake a cake
I flaunt my inner spirit you flaunt your having cash
And yet we mix together just lie spam and corned beef hash
I'd build for you a castle you make for me a home
You fill the space with tissue I fill the space with foam
You are a boot and gym shoe girl I'm sandals or bear feet
I'm digging fruits and vegetables for you its love the meat
We both like hats and sweaters though I don't know what that means
But then back to the bottom I wear khaki's boo you jeans
I break stuff and you fix stuff I'm a fighter you're a nurse
You'd rather give a note to me I'd rather write a verse
I'm"kick it in the crib"and you're a"go to movie girl"
Inside you are a diamond Inside I am a pearl
But that's ok though baby the important part you see
Is what we have in common I love you and you love me

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I veiw you from a distance
you see me from afar
I take a few steps closer
you stay just where you are
you stand there looking at me
like you don't understand
why I would dare to offer
a gentle helping hand
my weeping eyes are closing
my face no longer wet
my past has been completed
my futer is not set
the mistakes made by people
my god says to forgive
for if you can not let things die
then you can never live
again the friendly gesture
I reach my hand to you
so we could cry together
and pray together too

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you greedy little buggers
go get your own snack
hiding in my kitchen
inside of my crack
your scaring my children
my friends and my self
you make me throw up
so your bad for my health
you mess up my food
and its so evedent
as long as you live here
you'll never pay rent
I see why for millions of years
roaches thrive
I called mr Orkin
you ate him alive
you invade my clothing
you don't leave me a stitch
and you won't go away
like an unending itch

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I had a dream
In and around a valley
... continued
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Intelligent and Witty
Love is the force which makes the world go around
There is nothing more precious than love on ground
... continued
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Balloon and desire
Soars and bubbles

... continued
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Iwas hard like a rock
People feared to talk

I went for a walk
The path had no light it was dark

I walked slowly
After sometime I felt heavy

I sat in a corner
A small child came near

Child face bloomed like a flower
Child touched me and asked I wanted water

Hardiness of my heart melted
Hearing the sweet voice I felt happy

I felt ashamed of my rough and tough attitude
I realised softness draws people

Child gave me water
Words choked I stuttered

Began to cry
Child asked not to feel at bay

He would show the way
My heart got lightened and experienced the feeling of joy

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