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Life is predestined and preordained
All humans are bound to follow verdict
In complete submission ,life is grand
... continued
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Within the curious space of time,
where life overflows in reason and rhyme;
The essence of being seems overcast,
... continued
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I wish you could stand
... continued
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It is not eyes but hearts which are blind
Open the eyes of heart to be more kind
What we search outside,inside may find
... continued
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I like to think of myself as an artist,
Rather than a poet,
I am a combination of an array of skills and creativity,
... continued
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The bridge I've feared
To cross is here
It's before my very eyes
I gaze across
Of what's on the other side
Nervous, and frantic
I begin to panic
As I'm taking my first step
So far, so good
On I go
Across the bridge I crept
Take a deep breath
Hold it in
As I reach the other side
This isn't so bad
I'm proud of myself
There is no reason to hide
So many things
On this side to see
Things I've never seen before
This place must keep
My wildest dreams
I'm ready and willing
To explore

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by Coy Day
You Are Beautiful To Me !
You Feel different this I know so I let
it be .
... continued
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She seems to be in a dark place, searching for the light despite the distractions, unlike herself proved by her actions, her soul cry's for nourishment as she sits there disappointed confused trying​ to differentiate what's wrong and right for her life, feeling like she's​ running out of options, overwhelmed and suffocated by school work and her problems,hanging on by a thread running on her last leg contemplating in her bed as the tears shed from eyes, yet defeated she continues to battle her demons for the simple reason why she started this journey in the first place,in not even on her worst days will she give in,some way some how from within she finds motivation to keep going again
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