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by Coy Day
The Line drawn in the sand >
nobody crosses nobody stands !
The line what does it mean, for real
... continued
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The tests are done, the blood work and the MRI.
Now I sit and wait, and wait and wait--why me, why, why?
I lived a life of fitness, eating well and caring for my health.
... continued
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She stands in splendor, a ray of light
That beams from youth, without a blight
Like the dew that rose in paradise
Before the fall, before the ice...

She walks in innocence, a quiet strength
Unreachable, yet at arm's length
Where stolen glances have their price
And words alone cannot suffice...

She runs in grace, a blameless dove
Oblivious of those that strove
To offer her a deeper love-
While she flies, they only rove...

She dreams so light, a winter breeze
That lifts her wings, but makes men freeze;
Her tresses kiss, caress her face
I begrudge them; they’re in my place...

Copyright October 2016 © Flavius Vlad

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by Coy Day
I Can't feel anymore , lost all when
you walked out the door !
Took everything I had, drove me stark
... continued
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Today the essence of yesterday rest in the lines of tomorrow the reality of the fruit of the land is that all things are triumphant that bear Harvest empty is the Chalice that holds yourself not to the demands of humankind but to the likeness of humanity and the gift of Tomorrow rest itself and Humanity of the likeness of the genius that writes himself into history today today now this poetry is not just a gift it's a way of life and here is your present
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I sit here wondering what to say
How can I express the beating of my heart
You make it different than all the rest
There are no words to explain the way my blood can race
Everytime I look into your eyes
I see our future, I see our lives
I look forward to 90
Unlike before
With you I want 100 years more
Please tell me forever isn't long enough
Life is too short when you're really in LOVE!

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When they kidnap you.
The school of thoughts,
catering individual happiness,

They blind your eyes and
Ask you to drink that cup of medicine,
And you have no choice but to think,
That the kidnappers are your mother,
Lost back in your childhood,
And you just take that bitter liquid inside,
Pretending it's all for the good..
Just to pretend for less pains..
Like a therapy before death.
Unknown happiness.

You know at the heart that,
You have a life to pretend only,
In future and nothing left.
Cruelty blinds your eyes,
Always before committing a sin.
Towards that selfish happiness.

Don't know how I was still able to see,
For so many years in the dark.
Being captured by few kidnappers,
Blinded eyes and
No love anywhere.
Happy was I might be.

A spoonful of poison,
Pretended itself of life,
Always; and deceived forever..
Some feelings at heart,
Imitation of love.

Still grateful for that hot wet towel,
Someone offered me,
So selfless, I felt God within,
Whom I could never know,
Not having my vision of reality,
Just to wipe the tears,
From my blinded two eyes.
Again, not expecting anything in return.

I miss that towel today..
Or may be my lost childhood,
The lost freedom in it..
And innocence.

Did you see me then?
Was that happiness,
In my blinded two eyes?


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Speak to me sounds of the morning,
Repair me. I'm listening,
Before the sun rises up in the east,
... continued
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