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  Blessed Day

Date Written: September 19, 2017

The moonlight shines overhead
it spotlights the land of the dead
Soothes the souls in despair
Extinguishes the evil in the air
Our bodies warm by the fire
our ears closed to words of a liar
the whispers that speak within
Help us move on without sin
We march down to the water
we gain strength and do not falter
We reach the shores of love
Blessed by the almighty above
We sing to the angel’s song
We found the place we belong
Without shame or hate
We follow the path of fate
Hear these words of prayer
Knowing he is always there
You will find the way
To a Blessed day

One comment on “  Blessed Day”

  1. Anonyma Magnifique     September 23, 2017

    …a poem of deep faith and love…is blessed from the Almighty above…!! 🙂

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