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The Glimpse

Date Written: September 4, 2017


This poem is
dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Harvey

And the
people who helped during and after the storm


An Ode to
the Harvey Heroes©


Once upon a
time not so long ago

Nature did
spur a Harvey in the Gulf of Mexico


As the storm
grew into a hurricane
Winds howled and then came the rains


Poor Texas
got in the way

And it
rained day after day


High water
turned into floods

everyone scurrying including the blue bloods


Onto their
roofs they did climb to survive the storm

With so much
rain well above the norm


Little did
they know a rescue mission was on the go

An impromptu
navy of people they didn’t even know


Night and
day their saviors were on a mission to rescue
Not knowing the dangers they faced for they didn’t have a clue


But despite
the risk and the unknown

How to
respond they have us shown


With a great
amount of caring and daring

Many a life
has been saved though some succumbed to an early grave


So what do
we call the brave men and women from far and wide

A hero is
what I say and I am not being snide


For they
have saved the day for so many of our kin

Not saying
thank you and our appreciation would be a sin


So here it
is in spades “Thank you” to all who lent a helping hand

And that’s
from all of us from across the land


things are far from over and done

Many will
see a rising sun




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