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Products of  pretension

Date Written: November 8, 2017

Write your poGreen and jolly green just be a bean. 

Cookie cooking elf looking for a shelf. 

Tide you whisk in an era itchy underwear. 

State your farm on a gecko wide in a nation give them a donation. 

Time x and rolex no chimp would spare. 

Dodge the ford in accord, don a donkey all aboard. 

Flag of black get in the raid don’t be afraid. 

Dress code enforced playboy not in the penthouse. 

Fruit your loom long in your John or jockey your shorts. 

Fox your abc’s with tnt. 

Lucky your charms with grape nuts,  if not honey  in your comb.

Procter your gamble in a nestle toll house. 

Ever ready is the energized economy,em here.

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