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Waiting Game

Date Written: October 22, 2017

I am here waiting in vain in the midst of uncertainty,

not knowing what lies ahead.

Though negativity already reigns my thoughts,

still my Faith keeps me back on track.


I am not a gambler, but I bet all my chances to this one

Not wasting the opportunity that he has given me

while giving my 100% best for better results

that will change my future drastically.


You might ask me what I am waiting for.

Is it a person, an event or something else?

Well the answer is, I am waiting for a result of an exam that holds my future

or can ruin my dreams that I’ve built with blood and tears for a long time.


I must say waiting is not as easy as piece of cake,

especially if the results can turn your world upside down

I may be foolish as others might say,

but I’ll be waiting with positivity trusting our Creator for his will.


For I know that God will not let me fall in this journey

though at times, I may feel alone

which I was wrong because God is within me all along

and all I need to do is wait for his plan to be realized.

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