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Why We Can’t Eat

Date Written: October 31, 2017

A force moved across our nature and we were blind. Our eyes lowered in obedience.

It cures us from disease and famine,

from cancers and illness we will all be free.

An unraveled code for each of us uniquely filled with a perfect medicine, perfectly matched, perfection.

We hailed the news. Never fear! The unknown is now known your legacy is secure and free from human ills.

Simply pay the fee and act as you did before

when worry never cast a shadow over you.

But there are those. Those whose lives and speech aim not to cure, but to hurt, dominate and oppress.

They saw beyond the helpful aid of our code a chance

to cleanse the world of weakness through hidden changes.

For those who can’t pay we’ll help you they said. Why shouldn’t all share in our freedom and life? Their lies were sweet as the world was bitter.  But still lies as those in power do with a smile on their face and a serpent on their shoulder. No freedom was found and suffering followed but they said it was only the weak please don’t fear

our world will be better stronger and great.

Once again we became calm and compliant,

satisfied we would never again be fooled, our eyes opened.

But the allure of our code became too much for the power to ignore and they began shouting we can do better! We can achieve more!

Why do we waste the world is on the poor and the needy?

Of this color or that color why do we toil to carry them?

Truly, we see in the code a way to release them from the

suffering they endure and the burden we in power must carry.

Let us modify the code once again, let us create in our own image.

Only the strongest of the strong…

No sustenance on earth will escape the changing code.

And to eat, just eat. What else was there, nothing.

Now we wait at Svalbard.

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