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True love is really hard to find.
Hopin that i find my true soul mate.
God please give me a sign.
Silently,thinkin to myself tis not too late.

Hearin the sound of your voice everyday makes my day.
Wishin that you were here at all times.
Feelin like your fallin for me,so u say.
Not thinkin twice if i want you to be mine.

No rush,it will happen if its meant to be.
Only you and i will know that.
That night god knew to send you to me.
But i also know to never look back and back track.

Not wantin you to go anywhere at all.
Just a lil scared but not for long.
I want to be there to catch you when you fall.
Makin passioniate love to "OUR" song.

Stay the person you said you are and you want me to be to you.
Wantin you to love me the right way,not the wrong way.
Bein true,thats all i ask from you.

-Alisha Hollingsworth-

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