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A Note to Humanity:

Date Written: November 14, 2017

Child, when your voice cries out In your weakest moment
On the wind it carries
Echoed by a thousand generations That felt the same as you
In your moments of pain and
Bitter regret
As your body lays bent in wordless agony
A hundred thousand shadows
Mimic your dance
Countless others have waltzed
To the same tune of despair
As meaningless as it may
Seem in the grand scope
Of our life
Each step you take
Has been mirrored by every
Soul that has walked this
Earth before you
And every soul that comes
After will feel the same
Tragic yet beautiful experience
Of what it means to be
Your sadness, your joy
Your hopes and your fears
The losses you’ve felt
Your laughter, your tears
Cannot be reflected in
The collective archives of history

For although our world
Is shifted by the
Fateful waves
Of war and politics
In the wake of the
Perpetual struggle
Between light and dark
Good and evil
We exist in the trenches
In the crossfire of a
Cosmic war
The moments of humanity
The people you love
The music that heals
A wounded heart
Moments of triumph and defeat
Remembering to laugh and
As children our hope
Was strong
A book you read
That changed your mind
A stranger’s kindness
That inspired your smile
Remember the times
You’ve shared with
Your friends
An unexpected accident
Caused you grief and
Ignited your fear
Your fear of mortality as
You come face to face
With Death
Fragile people must
Find peace with their
When your final moments Arrive
And the Reaper emerges

From eternity’s hidden
As you look in His eyes
And your life is reflected
The you begin to see
Life – this gift we have
Been given
Is not made great by
The calculated plan of a tyrant’s

Military strategy
Nor any king’s eloquent
Address to the
People he rules
Reflected in a history book

Or in the expansive periods

Of times that have come Before
We look so small
But in the mirrored eyes
Of death
He sees only the moments

If you laughed and were
Your family and friends
The journey you began
As a young adult to
Discover who you were
Your soul, your body
Your mind and your heart

A betrayal that severed
An intimate tie
As you gaze into the eyes

That reflect all these tiny
Seemingly insignificant moments

Of what it means to be
You are pulled into
The incomprehensible
Vastness of outer
Floating there in a
Strange sort of tranquility
You are absorbed
By the expanse
Of blackness
Surrounding you
But, your eyes are not
Fixed on the darkness
But on all the countless
Stars shimmering in the
Emptiness about you
As you look at this
Through the eyes of
You see how easy it
Is for people to feel
Meaningless when faced
With life, with our
World and our history
How could we matter at all?
You feel Death smile
As an awareness ripples
Through your being
Just as you look up on
A cloudless moonlit night
Your eyes are always
Fixed on the stars
Maybe the moon
The black void never
Seems to inspire such
An intense searching of
Our gaze
In this way, as Death
Looks out over the expanse
Of our history
Our collective story
The throes of war and
Grand political or religious
Schemes are but
An emptiness. The
Light in his eyes
Is sparked by every
Single human moment
You experience
Our lives are but
Stars in the sky when
Gazed upon by eternity
If you ever feel all hope is lost

Remember the stars
They shine
Their light, though
Small it may seem
And it awakens within our
Hearts a spark of faith, a belief

Remember when Death,
The angels, Time, and
Even God turn their
Eyes to the vastness
Of our lives
They smile because they
See us as stars
And you know
We’ve always
Looked to the stars to
Guide us
To find our way home
Perhaps we, as fragile
Mortals, inspire the
For together, we are the
Constellations of human
When seen through the
Mirror of the infinite
Can you imagine
The story our lives
Will tell
As starlight
Echoing in the vast
Expanse of infinite
Child, you small, fragile
You are the star that
Caught the eye of
Our Creator
Through the all­consuming
Darkness of what we call
The unknown
Your light has reached out to

Touch eternity
And eternity smiles upon you

NOVEMBER 14, 2017

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