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Date Written: November 14, 2017



When you walk through the


You watch each step you

Take care, carefully, you follow the


Its been cleared and worn

Down by those before you

Who stepped mindfully

On ground that would

Provide a safe and sure

Route to their intended


So, when you walk through

The woods

You watch where you’re going


I never really paid mind

To the collectively understand

Laws of this nature

Walk we call life

Maybe that’s why I’m always

Looking at the clouds and

The sunlight through

The trees

At the stars and the moon’s

Glow echoing in the dark

Maybe that’s why people

Give me funny looks and

Subconsciously fear

For my sanity


Looking up I’m constantly

Stumbling on a rock or

Tree root

A branch will claw at my

Skin, sometimes I lose

My footing and it varies

On the severity of each



If I was other people

Looking at someone like me

I’d be worried too

I’ll admit my method

Isn’t the most effective

Way to walk through

The woods

“How is she ever going

to find her way out if

she’s always looking


“Not to mention how

dangerous and careless it is!”

These are the thoughts I

Imagine people have

When they glance away

From their clearly

Marked trail to see me

Walking into trees or

Getting caught in a patch

Of thorns


But you see, maybe I’m

Not trying to find my way


The stars are my guides,

The moon is a brother or

Sister to my soul, depending

On the night

The clouds tell stories

That inspire me

And the sun, in its unyielding

Brightness, reminds me to



If to live out our lives in

This world is likened to

Finding your way through

The woods

Then I have to confess…

I cannot follow a path

That’s been tread before

Because looking up directs

One on a more primal,

Savagely innocent sort

Of journey


One day, I will meet the others

Right at the edge of the


In the clearing beyond

This forest-life

If, when the time comes,

Some of wonder:

‘Where do we go from here?’

‘What path can we follow

On this ground where

Mortal feet cannot tread?’


If they will, I’ll beckon

Them to follow me

For I know the way

As my body was stumbling

And aimlessly wandering

Through these woods

My soul was finding its

Way through a very different

Sort of world

Having walked this path


I can show you the way

Look up…


…And please, whatever you do,

do not feed the bears




APRIL 14, 2017

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