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Storage Full

Date Written: September 4, 2017

My life consists of word written on a brown paper napkin

Or on the back of a forgotten assignment

That is long past due

Hastily written down, quickly shoved into the nearest book or drawer

These words are written down so quickly

They are practically thrown at the paper

In a poetic assault to free up space

Space that really isn’t even there to spare

Almost like a phone flashing obnoxiously

“Memory full, No storage left”

My memory, well it’s not filled with photos or apps

Its words and stories

Beautiful words, stories that only I know

Never spoken or uttered

No breath breathed into their still lifeless forms

They just build and spin together

In this amazing, tumbling mass of speech

But as soon as I go to put them to use, they disappear

Like the magicain’s assistant

Hiding from the crowds as not to ruin the act

My words, afraid to leave the only place they’ve known

So they burrow into nooks and crannies

And sometimes they find themselves on brown paper napkins

The NO on the flashing NO VACANCY sign has finally gone dark

                                             -Ada Jean Brennan

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