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In The Now, That I know

Date Written: October 31, 2017

In the now that I know, I’m still pushing along with all my thoughts and soul

Wondering how these words are going to affect everything I’ve come to know

How inspiring are the thoughts that flow, out around and about my head

My heart is in check it knows what to expect and I’m just humble to accept



What a feeling to give birth to words put them on paper to be read                                                                                    and heard

To convey a story or poem to an open heart, willing to conceive love and hurt

Mere words must mean something more for the heart to finally get to know

For it seeks to find and it will know the right words that will open the show


Blind are the eyes that see when the silence seems to whisper and then leaves the scene

A Notion unspoken of, not ready to express but is left to the imagination to intervene

Now time will take over and delay its reality, until the seeds of doubt will spout

Thinking that tomorrow will come and life will have its say and not try to fade out


But words will explain and try to reframe with an open heart what it wants to say

The translation will be understood when the soul in need hears the words that play

What is close to the heart will certainly draw others to understand, feel and love

Inspiration come from within and expresses its self, and has a friend from above

                                                         Copyright © 2017 by House in the Sky Production

                                                                           Albee Rodney-08/9/2017

                                                              Website: albeerodney.wordpress.com

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