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Date Written: October 22, 2017

Awkward laughs and awkward smiles

Masking hearts in deep denial

Words unspoken, words unheard

Thoughts so hidden, tightly furled.


Chatheads seen and texts unsent

Tongue in cheek with jokes half meant

Entendres from forthright minds

Hope to read between the lines.


Backtrack, pause; it's all the same

Hence commence the waiting game.

Think it over, think it thrice

Pro et contra, "what's the price?"


Believe it now, doubt it then

Shy away, repeat again

Time is running, waits for none,

Time is over, courses run.


Parted paths, unforeseen loss

Tangent lines begin to cross

Twining once two strands of fate

Perceived too litte too late.


Forlorn poems, bitter sonnets

Tragic odes of sweet regrets

Things undone and left unsaid

Lined pages they do embed.


A reluctant acceptance

A permanent transience

No rewinds, no do-overs

Just one chance, one encounter.

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Image ICHIGO ICHIE Awkward laughs and awkward smilesMasking hearts in deep denialWords unspoken,…
by Alexandra Cantarella
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