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Date Written: September 29, 2017


I just wanna cry.

I am so angry right now

Over something stupid

But i can't stop being angry

I am hurting right now

Over something stupid

But i can't stop hurting

I'm all alone..

In everything but love..

And goodness.

I find myself questioning myself a lot

But i'm still clueless

It's crazy to me

How my most favoritest person in the world

Can turn into my enemy..


Its breaks my heart so bad

Cause i know that i love her more than anything

And anyone

But still in one second

I can and always do contradict

What i just said.

I beat myself up  and tear myself down

When i think about it

And when i think about it

I know she doesn’t think about it

Or me.. For that matter

I am puzzled by myself

For how i love her  

Would give my life for her

And  know she wouldn't do the same in return

I am just puzzled

Why i love someone so much

Who doesn't love me.

One comment on “REPENTING…”

  1. Rubythroat01479     September 30, 2017

    Great usage of emotions: “cry, angry, hurting, love,” which helps to draw you into the poet’s internal turmoil.

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