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Mothers Wish

Date Written: September 13, 2017

My sweet precious son, brighter than light.    

I pray you'll have strength, to endure life's fight. 

To acknowledge your faults, don't get mad if you lose. 

You control your own happiness, your emotions you choose. 

Sometimes goals aren't supposed to be reached, you're meant to fall flat. 

That winding path you had to take, was to show you what to aim at. 

Mistakes are forgivable, if you have the courage to admit. 

Karma is a bitch, make sure it's positive energy you transmit. 

Being adaptable is better than being a clone. 

Reject what's useless and add what's your own. 

Knowledge gives you power, but character gives you respect. 

Don't have a quick temper, you'll have to live with what you wrecked. 

Woth matters of debate, don't be for or against. 

This life is constantly changing, everyday to commence. 

I birthed you, your happiness is all that I need. 

I'm here to give you all the information, to help you succeed. 

One comment on “Mothers Wish”

  1. comnpkpillai     September 13, 2017

    neutrality is often impossible
    as life is changing.
    some one with a brain cannot be neutral
    as there is a reaction to an action
    unless you stop the rain and senses

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