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A Caged Bird With Her Wings Clipped!!

Date Written: September 17, 2017

Stumbling in the darkness, in no particular direction,

Her feet bleed; mercy not a virtue of the broken , scattered glass;

Putting on the facade of a brave, cheerful warrior, she forges ahead;

Consoling her feet, which cry in agony,

"This pain shall too pass".



She yearns, yearns to fly far away,

Away from the destined path,

The path written with the quill in black ink dipped;

A foolish thought, a blind man's dream,

Escape, never a possibility,

For she is a caged bird with her wings clipped.



The bleeding feet, leaving bold footprints on the scalding hot path, she walks on,

Marking the easy way for the less unfortunate to follow;

Away from the hurdles she faced.

The tears that fall, betraying a small sign of weakness, in the armor of strength that she adorns,

Will cool the path, forever eliminating the struggle, through which she raced.



She yearns, yearns to swim.

In the colder oceans, away from the heat,

Where she will be enveloped in the cocoon of peace,

Where she can write her own script;

An unachievable goal, a deaf man's song,

Escape, never a possibility,

For she is a caged bird with her wings clipped.


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