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Looking for you!

Date Written: September 18, 2017

Not being an angel descended from heaven,

Nor an enhancingly beautiful nymph from the wood,

I do not dream of a prince on a white horse,

Nor of a suave, majestic aristocrat; whose heart is good;



Nor am I a damsel in distress,

Looking for a knight in shining armor;

Just a simple girl,

A true lover is all I desire.


The one who sees the sorrows hidden from all,

Brings out the smile, hidden by grief;

A loving word from whom,

Can set my trapped heart free.


Walking among the crowd, as lonely as ever;

A painted smile, hiding the heart, full of tears;

Waiting for that hand, which will pull me away from this world;

Whose love shall ease all my fears.



Just waiting for the person, whose princess I shall be;

Whose love will be as pure as the morning dew;

The one, whose eyes full of trust, will look into mine and say

"Oh my love! I have been looking for you!"

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