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When the Heart Cried!

Date Written: September 17, 2017

Days and Nights pass by as they would before,

But an odd emptiness haunts me to the core;

You are still here, but you have never been so far.

The age old memories still sweet,

The 'new friendship', a bit sour;

I am still yours, but you are no longer mine,

Its killing me; I am dying from inside,

But for the world, I am still fine.



Oh! How I wish you were close,

To hold and comfort me,

To put my world right,

Just to hold me tight.



I long to say the words, but on my lips they die,

Keep on hiding the truth, keep on living the lie.

Not a second passes, when I don't miss you,

Memorable moments many, though none new;

Love is beautiful they say, an amazing feeling;

But the hurt , the wound when its over,

Is far from healing.



Oh! How I wish you missed me too;

Still thought about me.

I know, everything between you and me,

No matter how beautiful, is now in the past.

But the treacherous, hopeful heart still whispers,

"Have faith dear, all's not yet lost!"

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