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Appreciation amidst Irma

Date Written: September 11, 2017

Appreciation amidst Irma©

After watching Irma terrorize Florida and the Caribbean

This is what appreciation looks like


I appreciate that:


I have hydro with which to make my morning coffee

That the roof is still on my home

The car I drive is on four wheels and not on its side


There is a place to jog this morning free of debris

The roads to get to work are safe and passable

My job is waiting for me at its usual place and time


The basement is high and dry

The bus will arrive to take the kids to school

And it is not a wading pool


There is no search and rescue

Nor a curfew

No evidence of a storm


Well rested after a night in bed

No howling winds and banging instead

Hunkered down in the dark would not have been a lark


Thank goodness for the early warning system

The many helping hands

So many agencies to heed the call


Standing up against the wall of flood

Thank you to all the brave souls

Who were out on patrols


We appreciate that which we have

And a speedy recovery for those that have loss

Of any kind


Andreas Simic©

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