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At the Top

Date Written: October 21, 2017

At the Top©

I often think as the crest of the hill appears
That I am at the top
The top of this game

It is my dream it seems
To go out on top
To be the best me when I flee

To the other side
With a great measure of pride
Knowing I have tried and tried

So what does the top look like for me
Holding hands with my honey
Knowing she will have enough money

That I have lived a full life
Even if that includes all that strife
After all nothings perfect

Even for those of us who like to direct
The path we have chosen
For the long journey to get to the other side

Will have travelled far and wide
And won’t have anything to hide
I will have kissed and hugged a lot


Even enjoyed all those things we bought
With many friends and family too
My hope is to be the glue


That you see me too
At the top
The top of my game

Andreas Simic©

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