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Being Okay

Date Written: September 17, 2017

Being Okay ©

I wake up with a start, it is back and I know what it is
Why else would I wake up at 3:00 a.m. in the morning
Why else would my heart be racing
Why else would my pulse be pacing

It was not there when I went to bed
It was not there last week or the week before
It was not there last month or the month prior
It was not there last year or many a year before that

Suddenly it has thrust itself upon me
Without warning it has slowly crept back into my life
and created stress and strife
Oh what a life!

But I know the signs are there, that it is here.
First my hair is not what it once was,
then I’m out of shape,
and next it’s the weight

From there the spiral continues,
the car I drive is now a wreck,
my home is no longer acceptable,
and my job no longer reputable

I don’t make enough money compared to the neighbours,
and the kids are doing me no favours with their behaviours.
My dear is no longer a dear, and the grass on the other side
is looking so much greener

But there’s one thing for sure and I know
it well, that this is a life cycle that will oft repeat.
So have a seat, as this too will pass to the other coloured grass
and life will be once again okay

Andreas Simic©

6 comments on “Being Okay”

  1. JLSPub.     September 17, 2017


    1. Andreas Simic     September 21, 2017

      Thanks for the compliment

  2. sunburned     September 18, 2017

    For sure,kudos.

    1. Andreas Simic     September 21, 2017

      Thank you

  3. Uma Natarajan     September 19, 2017

    Good with okay, getting up at 3.30my goodness racing and pacing good good

    1. Andreas Simic     September 21, 2017

      Thank you Uma

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