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Lonely Loon

Date Written: September 16, 2017

The Lonely Loon©

Long before my daily ritual begins
Your call as distinctive as any sound on the lake
Beckons me with your unique overture

Each day like clockwork I see you there
Bobbing like a cork on the shimmering lake
On guard like a sentry at Buckingham palace

As I meander down the long rocky spit
We eye each other like boxers in a ring
One step past the mythical line you have created

And you will take flight to your safe haven
We are so much alike seeking our solitude
Drawing lines in the sand that shall not be crossed

For now we cautiously examine each other’s presence
Respectful of the boundaries we have set
One wrong move on my part and…

There will be a flapping of wings
Like a plane making its initial ascent
Soon you will be out of sight

Until tomorrow,
See you then my friend

Andreas Simic©

4 comments on “Lonely Loon”

  1. Robin Carretti     September 16, 2017

    Just mystical wonderful read I love nature indeed

    1. Andreas Simic     September 21, 2017

      Thank you, I love being in nature, been lost a couple of times
      as a result but there’s always been a happy ending.

  2. sunburned     September 18, 2017

    good flow, wow

    1. Andreas Simic     September 21, 2017

      Thanks for the wow, it is the loon that is at the end of our spit that inspired this piece.

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