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Lost Words

Date Written: September 3, 2017

Lost Words©

It was only later
After seeing him hooked up to a ventilator

That I realized what he had said
And a reflection came that I would later dread

For deep down inside I always knew
That my dad was there for me as I grew

He was harsh and intense on occasion
Some would even call it abrasion

But there was that other side
When we were alone me along for the ride

He did his duty as a father
Bringing home the bacon with much bother

But the lessons taught
Were what I bought

How to strive
To stay alive

To be the best I can be
For all to see

Have kindness for my fellow man
Help wherever I can

Be a father to a son
Be there to protect everyone

Give a care
If you able share

Know that tomorrow will be a better day
When you get ego out of the way

As I sit here to lament
I recall those lost words he had repent

After waiting all those long years
And though he is long gone they still bring me tears

Those lost words you ask “I love you…”

Andreas Simic©

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