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Missing You!

Date Written: September 6, 2017

Missing You!©


When I am here, I miss being there

When I am there, I miss being here


When I am in solitude, I miss companionship

When I have companionship, I miss solitude


When I am single, I miss being in relationship

When I am in relationship, I miss being single


When I am working, I miss not working

When I am not working, I miss working


When I am in the city, I miss the countryside

When I am in the countryside, I miss the city


When it is winter and it is cold, I miss the summer

When it is summer and too hot, I miss the winter


When I am on the prairies, I miss the mountains

When I am in the mountains, I miss the prairies


When I am on the rim of the Grand Canyon,

I miss being at the bottom

When I am at the bottom of the Grand Canyon,

I miss the rim,


When I am on the ocean, I miss dry land

When I am on dry land, I miss the ocean


When I am flying, I miss the ground

When I am on the ground, I miss flying


When I am on the east coast, I miss the west coast

When I am on the west coast, I miss the east coast


Maybe what I am missing is the point of it all


Andreas Simic©


2 comments on “Missing You!”

  1. Uma Natarajan     September 7, 2017

    Really lots missing in the grand canyon of New experiences of the website, liked immensely your poem. Keep us entertaining with your special work.

    1. Andreas Simic     September 21, 2017

      Thank you Uma, I appreciate your writing as well.

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