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My Plight in Sight

Date Written: November 11, 2017

In honor of Remembrance Day and those who served.

My Plight in Sight©

I find myself alone
I was once with many
Dwindled to a few
Now a sole survivor

I am huddled here
In the cold
In this ditch
That now serves as shelter

It is not my fault
I did my very best
To help them survive
To keep them alive

Now I am freezing
My hands shake
And quiver
As I hold my metal defense

They are all around me now
It is just a matter of time
My thoughts are of home
Of family and that tree in the yard

The odds are not good
I know they are not
That I will hold your hand
For now it is just a thought

To have and to hold is just a dream
Our baby in my hands
Something I glean
What happens now is unforeseen

Now the din of earlier in the day
Gives way to an eerie silence
And here I have to stay
To see if I will live another day

This is war
And I am a soldier

Andreas Simic©

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