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Now and Then in 2017

Date Written: September 10, 2017

Now and Then in 2017©

There was a time when I was younger

That there was this constant hunger


Time has passed and the years have flown by

Sometimes joy and laughter, sometimes a good cry


Vows kept under the stars we met

A grandson that keeps me young without regret


Where once I had a great left hook

I now rely on Facebook


I could compete at a track meet

What I do now is Tweet from my seat


In lieu of at the rink with my team
I’m Linked In to the latest dream


Before, at the diamond with a bat

After, I share the world with Snap Chat


Amazon was a great river in Brazil

Now an ecommerce site with a bill


Past, hanging out at the mall looking for chicks

Present, replaced by watching Netflix pics


It used to be four on the floor
Instead my best friend is an I Phone more


Many hours once spent polishing chrome

Replaced by Google Chrome in your home


Parallel parking used to be a real pain

My car parks by itself again and again


At the pumps no more

The car is electric and less a chore


I find myself often saying

Is there an “app” for that, and then playing


In conclusion I have no dilution of days gone by

The days of yore are long gone and I’m on standby


To give it all a try


Andreas Simic©

2 comments on “Now and Then in 2017”

  1. comnpkpillai     September 10, 2017

    Changes by 2017 quiet different from the past
    The changes in IT and knowledge take place fast
    True, good work

  2. Andreas Simic     September 10, 2017

    Thanks for sharing you observations.

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