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Poet Don’t Show It

Date Written: September 14, 2017

Poet Don’t Show It©

As I sit here and ponder what to write

I suffer every poet’s plight

What to put in it that may bypass a cynic

Will it pass the test of time or be it a rhyme

Is it about a crime or will someone even pay a dime

How will I tell it if I can’t even spell it

It won’t be shock if I get writer’s block

Once more it would lead to things being hocked

How will I blend smarts and wit in it

With critics abound ready to pounce a limerick

When I made this a career choice

I knew then that I wouldn’t be driving a Rolls Royce

My Father would often say

Are you getting a real job that will pay

But Mom would often defend me and herself relay

Let the boy play he will make it some day

So now I sit here with a dry piece of bread

Trying to forestall the dread, what if they’re right I plead

Just then and there it came to mine head

It’s time for bed don’t let this spread

Enough said

Andreas Simic©

3 comments on “Poet Don’t Show It”

  1. Subhashchandra B Adhav     September 14, 2017

    Poet Don’t Show it——-shows skillfully plight of poets and throws light on writer’s block—-“poet”as a career is very idea to digest—Insightful write with funny touch —–Interesting read—Wonderful poem—Marvelous share !!!

    1. Andreas Simic     September 14, 2017

      Another sterling assessment greatly appreciated.

  2. Sonia Crt     September 18, 2017

    wow…it is really wonderful and meaningful

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