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Date Written: September 21, 2017



As life moves along its continuum
As reflection of the past becomes an increasing occurrence
As the sun rises and sets each day as before


When the hours pass just like they always have
When one day leads into the next
When time seems to be fleeting

What do we think about
What do we do to pre-occupy our minds with
What can we do to prepare for life’s eventualities

How do we justify our being
How do we look at how our life unfolded
How do we move on from here

Why, why now
Why the process and the journey
Why me

Into the abyss we move
Deeper and deeper into our own sole journey
To be remembered or forgotten

That is the question to pondered this day

Andreas Simic©

2 comments on “Ponderings”

  1. Sonia Crt     September 21, 2017

    wonderful thought.. great

  2. sunburned     September 22, 2017


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