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Date Written: November 5, 2017


If I was a kitten
Maybe I wouldn’t be so smitten
It’s as though I’ve been bitten

There is no chance
Of romance
Maybe under a different circumstance

Though it seems she was heaven sent
And I feel an urge to relent
It would likely lead me to repent

Don’t know why the attraction
Am I looking for some sort of satisfaction

Help me Lord to inaction

For I know not why there is this thing
Leading me to ponder a fling
Knowing it will only grief bring

Yet there it is this temptation
Is it there as some sort of revelation
Providing a piece of education

But alas with all my will
I bring a chill
To that part of me seeking a thrill

Andreas Simic©

2 comments on “Smitten”

  1. JessicaMars     November 5, 2017

    ❤️ The kitten doth overthinkth Lead me not into temptation yet temptation overflows leaving us spoilt for choice… be true to thine self if it helps to overcome ☺️ relatable piece written … beautiful flow

  2. Andreas Simic     November 5, 2017

    Interesting comment concerning temptation, much enjoyed.

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