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The Natural High

Date Written: September 7, 2017

The Natural High©

Long before there was an opium crisis
And before we even heard of ISIS

We too were looking for that hi (gh)
It might be at church and in the choir nearby

Or just to sing a ring a ling a ding
With our friends and neighbors we would bring

High as a kite had a different meaning
Ours was on a string in the sky; in and out it was weaving

Playing in the school yard
Did not require a security guard

Using a needle and taking a chance
Sounds less fun than being at a school dance

Being out of it meant taking a seat during a game
Not your head in a cloud to stay sane

Glue was for art class and a lot of fun
Not for sniffing by anyone

A snort was something a horse did
Not a white powder up the nose to be rid

An arm was for wrestling
Not a pin cushion for testing

We didn’t need a pill to chill
We thought life was enough of a thrill

A cocktail was a drink
Not something that would make you shrink

A concoction was something you made up in class
Not a chemistry brew you grew

It just seems to me as I read this stuff
The natural high was good enough

Andreas Simic©


One comment on “The Natural High”

  1. Subhashchandra B Adhav     September 7, 2017

    Very nice poem—-Thoughtful and insightful work——Well done!!——All the Best !!

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