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Way Back Then

Date Written: September 28, 2017

Way back then©

I remember way back then,
You could see for miles and the stars were so brightly lit,
Before the smog and other pollutants hit

There were trees and bees, and other such things
Where now pavement rules for miles on end
And eight lane highways do extend

But progress must come, as we all know
So stand back the bear and the doe

And make room for another condo

We all know profits must be met
And there's no time for a study
For there isn't total global warming just yet?

There are schedules to heed and deadlines to meet
So we need more concrete to get us there

Who cares about the quality of the air?

For in this day and age where everyone has a cell phone
It is easier to clone than to let nature on her own
And if that doesn't work we can use something genetically grown

Then there's always the lotto or casino to make our day
We no longer need Mother Nature to have her say
For we as humans have figured out a better way

So let us raise our beer in cheer
Dawn our hats, for skin cancer is always a fear
And off we go for another great year

Maybe by now we've figured out there are too many
Of us to fit on a shuttle to that unknown place far away
And for all of us to survive a nuclear explosion on any given day
So in its stead we'll settle for our own implosion

Have a great day

Andreas Simic©

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