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Protest Poems

Date Written: September 8, 2017

Voting Record, by Angela Brown


If it were his words;

I heard them,

But did not understand.


If it were his antics;

I took for granted,

Because I did not understand.


If it were his demeanor

I accepted it,

Because it looked good.


If it were his lies;

I believed it,

Because it looked promising.


If it were his acuteness;

I supported it,

Because it seemed real.


If it were his absurdity;

I ignored it,

His words seemed credible.


If I neglected to see reality;

I took him at his word;

And now I am paying for it.



The American Dream, by Angela Brown


Many have fled to America for freedom;

It is the American dream.

It is a land who took in huddled masses;

With a promise to fulfill their dreams.

America gave the right to free speech;

With the right to protest and petition.

America gave the right to worship any religion;

With to practice your faith without any restrictions.

America gave the right to carry an armed weapon;

That granted the right to have protection.

America gave the right to invade our homes;

A place where the army dare not roam.

America gave the right to a fair trial;

Where man could prove himself beyond reasonable doubt.

America gave the right to vote;

So every man and women could pick the candidate of choice.

America gave the right to healthcare;

Where every child could see a doctor.

American gave the right to clean air and water;

Where no man would die because all lives matter.

America was a land where man could pursue his dreams;

And to every American it is not always what it appears to be.

People from every race risked their lives to live free;

Denial of our rights and the American dream is no longer what it seems.


Practitioners, by Angela Brown


Women were taught there place is in the home;

It is where men always felt women belonged.

Women were taught to keep quiet;

Let men run things, while in doubt.

Women were taught to raise children;

To cook and clean and raise boys to be men.


Women learned her worth to men;

When she found her voice within.

She learned to read and she found purpose;

She began to work and began to focus.

She learned to fight for right and wrong;

She learned to speak in many tongues.


Born in America, by Angela Brown

There are biases within my race and culture

We are blinded by looks and divided by gangs

To live in any place is not safe on the streets

In my culture we represent one skin color

We come from many breeds

We speak different dialects of English

We are Americano, Black Indians and Africans

We are islanders, Latinos and Japanese

Because we are different, we are not treated the same

Coming from different backgrounds is a problem

We are what we eat, American food is the same

But our cultural foods is what we represent

Voting Rights, by Angela Brown


Not all countries have the right to vote

So they protest and are slaughtered on the

Street, and the people they want to vote in

Office are murdered, and on voting day

People are placed in jail and there is always a

Fear that not every vote counts because

The elections are not fair and the candidate of

Your choice never had a chance because the

Election is corrupt because the person who

Won was selected by popular vote and fair

Representation is taken away and your one hope

To having the law changed is gone and will

Never have a chance to come into law.


An American Partied, by Angela Brown


Life is not fair, people fight wars

People disagree, people feed on

The right to dominate other races

And when we see that things

Could be better we want change.


We want to change our old ways

To something new. We don’t want

To be held back from getting our ways.

We don’t want to be told what we

Cannot do.

So we fight wars against our

Woes, we wage war against

Opposition, we fight for justice,

We take risks that cost lives

Until they realize our self-worth.


We fight because we deserve

To be treated right, we want

Things to be different just

Because it is right.


America, by Angela Brown


If you were a flower,

I would be the seeds.

If you were a tree,

I would be the roots.

If you were earth,

I would be the moon.

If you were a cloud,

I would be rain.

If you were a fish,

I would be the sea.

If you were a tear,

I would be the ocean.






I Am, by Angela Brown


I am a woman with needs

Where I am weak I seek retribution.


I am a woman with needs

I have refuge in finding my destiny.


I am a woman with needs

I demand to have respect.


I am a woman with needs

Because I dare to be different.

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