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About Face

Date Written: September 17, 2017

Staring at that dark space under His bed

From where the sound came last night

He didn't know what lay beneath

But it sure gave him one helluva fright!


He recalls waking from his deep slumber

His arm dropped over to one side

The hand was flopping in the air

Before something strange began to glide


At first it felt spikey and bony

Then it changed its tune

It became slimey and gooey

Like someone emptying their spittoon


Startled and scared He bolted upright 

When He heard the low, growling moan

Grabbing His torch He shone underneath

But all He could see were some bones


Shivering from this chilling memory

He stared again at that dark space

Thinking about His loungeroom couch

He turned and did an about face!

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