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Her Days of the Week

Date Written: October 28, 2017


She loved him on Monday cos that was their funday
She loved him on Tuesday cos that was their cruise day
She loved him on Wednesday cos that's when they played croquet
She loved him on Thursday cos that was no fur day
She loved him on Friday cos that was chicken thigh day
She loved him on Saturday cos it really didn't matter day
By Sunday they loved that they'd made a love runway!


2 comments on “Her Days of the Week”

  1. elvis sinatra     October 28, 2017

    What a week that was
    A fun-filled week it twas! 5 croquet mallets!

    1. Anonyma Magnifique     October 28, 2017

      …thank you so much you’re as cute as a bug…just for your comment you’ll get 5 bug hugs..!! (((((Elvis)))))

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