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His Regrets

Date Written: September 18, 2017

When She first met Him
He was all nice
She was His sugar
He was Her spice


She loved Him dearly
He lapped it up
His heart sucked Her dry
He emptied Her cup


Soon all Her bubbles
Were burst by Him
He relished His cruelty
She couldn't win


His dark thoughts invaded
He rollicked in His sin
He prodded and poked Her
But She wouldn't fight Him


Years now have passed
He regrets what He did
She has since moved away
Won't forget but will forgive

2 comments on “His Regrets”

  1. Peggie Sioux     September 18, 2017

    Sounds familiar. I think I’ve lived this…except he never regretted it

    1. Anonyma Magnifique     September 21, 2017

      …your memory is sad, but I hope you left that lad…!

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