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In Him

Date Written: September 30, 2017

He loved his old boat
As it moored on the docks
Whenever he could
He'd sail out past the rocks


He would dream of her
With her long, dark curls
As the waves gently rocked
And sun streamed in swirls


He longed to hold her
To feel her beating heart
Little did he know
She'd been with him from the start


So using the wind
She whispered his name
Hoping he'd hear
And drop his game


If he closed his eyes
And breathed into his heart
He'd surely find her
Where she'd been from the start!


4 comments on “In Him”

  1. Joeys Wonder Girl     October 1, 2017

    Oooh I love this one!!! Awesome picture too!!! Makes me want to go sailing!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Anonyma Magnifique     October 10, 2017

      …thank you so much for your triple smiley comment…your enthused excitement I’ll never forget…!! 🙂

  2. River.Ophelia     October 1, 2017

    sweet share

    1. Anonyma Magnifique     October 10, 2017

      …your comment so sweet was a treat to meet…thank you..!! 🙂

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