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Oak Tree Memories

Date Written: September 21, 2017

She took a trip on a train
And She thought about Him
T'was a warm Summer's day
She needed an ocean swim

She was laughing to Herself
About that joke He told Her
Blowing bubbles on Her heart
He was good on the spur

Memories of His stories
Mad characters, even ghosts !
But what made Her heart smile
Is what She loved the most

Like the time They had a picnic
And He made apple pie
She brought the ice-cream
And they laughed until they cried

They sat under that oak tree
And enjoyed their hug and kiss
Those moments spent with Him
Still gave her heart warm bliss !

One comment on “Oak Tree Memories”

  1. elvis sinatra     September 22, 2017

    5 apple pies!

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