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Date Written: October 7, 2017

                    Two life's rippoured at the seams,

.               Brought together by unknown force's.

          Seems like, well sounds like a fairy tail right?

                 It could be the other way around,

        Both came from two different sides of the track,

.            Nether one of them from the same class.

    Only by chance did they meet. Nobody giving either a chance,

              Nor a fighting prayer of making together.

          to make the Best their torn and tattered life's.

       Both learning values of life and an impossible love

 Taking the consequences, learning to love e even the bad memories

  with the good memories. Learning to each other while fighting a

                                 A losing battle.

            Moral love yourself,   Respect yourself enough

  To know when torn seams can't be mended and walk away

                              before it's to late.


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