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The Paris Train

Date Written: September 22, 2017

I feel like a missed a train and there you are on that train

on your way to Brussels thinking that you lost me or thinking that I am still there, but in reality I am in Paris.


I am not on the train that you hope. I am not in Brussels.

I am in Paris, but I am on my adventure trying to get to you. 

I am in line waiting for my turn. 

I am waiting for my case to be heard to get on the next train

(I left my ticket, passport, luggage and you behind. No one can verify me). 


I need to find a way to get back to you and the universe is giving me and granting me with one ride back to you. 

And, I tell you that I get on that train and you wait for me. 

I have on my end got to get off at the right spot.


And there you are waiting.


Like you should, like what I expected, like what I had hoped.


You're there and you're a constant confirmation of tenacity and hope.


On the other end, you are coming back. I will be here.  I will be in Brussels for you.  You got off the train in Paris this time. I was hoping you'd get back.


You will be back.


I will be waiting.

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