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Dollhouse (based off the song)

Date Written: October 24, 2017


Carved into plastic

Willing souls trapped

In their own desires

Obedience is key, it's what we've learned

In the most gruesome of ways, for we've been burned

Pose, smile for the camera

Flashing lights, blinding out pain

For that was if we could feel

We of course can't, we're on our pill

Smile wider darling, they're watching

Don't let them see behind our curtains

Misery in the air, we have to perfect

Sweeping all our dreams under the carpet

What we are

The world shall never see

But of course, we're imprisoned in vanity, insanity

And we have forgotten our humanity

So get lost in our wide plastic smiles, our curse

Come to our dollhouse, come be like us

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