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The Trees of Old

Date Written: October 24, 2017

The whispers of the trees of old

The gruesome stories they have told

Blooming, growing, back in the days

Youth a blessing


Moonlight glistens off the leaves of the trees

Waters, pushing against waves

Moving like the elegant wind

Laughter, beautiful words spoken, heard and spread across

Throughout the land,

Leaves joining in their voices

Peace, before…

Swords, bullets ringing in the air

Cries of woes and despair

Crimson splattered on tree branches

Screaming, crying, boots crunching dry earth

Silence fills the land instead

Sobbing, smell of woe and blood

Metal imbedded in thier hearts

Innocence turned vile

The rest lifeless along with the others

Red sinking into the ground

The trees mourn as the blood flows around their roots

Their leaves whispering, spreading their story

Across the land, to those still with life

Oh the whispers of the trees of old

The gruesome stories they have told

And still telling…

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