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I Left It Behind

Date Written: October 20, 2017

I walked away from the real world, and I don't regret it

I don't care for the world where all others reside

The war, disaster, and pure hatred that fills the air is suffocating

I had to leave if I wanted to breathe again

Bruises and scars both visable and not painted over me as if I was a canvas

I guess if you looked hard enough, you might see some beauty in it.

I honestly don't see it myself, but that's just me

The world I live in now is a delusion I created for myself that views the world through rainbow glasses

Yes, not just rose-colored, but the whole spectrum

I'm quite proud of it actually, It didn't take all that long

Once I truly saw how messed up the world was, Trying to deny it in every way I can was a piece of cake

My world is so much better, I always wonder why I didn't leave sooner

But I think I've rambled enough, I've made my point as to why I exited the real world

And that's it, That's why I left it behind

One comment on “I Left It Behind”

  1. shayariurdu     October 23, 2017

    Absolutely right the world has become the disaster, a poet can understand the feelings of other poet through his words, really nice poem thanks for sharing !! 🙂

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