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Ashes of Apathy

Date Written: October 27, 2017

Not struggle begot by necessity
beholds omnificence. And talent
alone does not suffice nor keeps
in store efforts of tenacious will.

Resolve is solely grounded in a drive
Inclined to transcendence, beyond
Body and mind to prove
To ourselves we are much more

Than cardiac pumps, cerebral synapses,
While something from within creeps
Tormented as it aspires to reach
Out and higher, emerging from ashes

Of apathy to spill wonders. Curiosity,
Potential, audacity the quest,
For impossible perfection a concept
Inexistent to the Universe,

As blithe omniscient nature need not
Imagination to grasp its own essence,
Gently infusing drops of unfathomable
Consciousness to a creature moulded

To become aware of itself and all that exists.

[Featured artefact: Oldest depiction of the universe, Nebra Sky Disc, European Bronze Age. Buried about 3,600 BP but probably much older, the artefact was retrieved by illegal treasure hunters in 1999, Germany. After millennia underground and years on the black market, the disc today is safe and on public display at the State Museum of Prehistory in Halle, Germany.]

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