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Bathed in ignorantia

Date Written: November 10, 2017

They run down corridors, penetrate

Eardrums, tympanic membranes vibrating

Sounds of whispered ignorantia, injected

In minds, spewed out of unclosing mouths.


Actively engaged in spreading the word,

As meticulous news reporters committed

To divulge, unfounded information, undercover

Agents passing off as martyrs compelled,


To fulfil their duties pretending

To reluctantly execute a social service, yet,

No one knows whether the lady down

The street truly cheated, nor if her daughter


Also slept with the alleged lover, while

The audience is convinced and has convicted

The adultery of the first sentencing the second,

To shame and long-lasting denigrating fame.


The punishment assigned to the free walking

Defendants, found guilty by a jury of their peers,

A public court rising to judge an offence

Sickly existing merely in those insinuating


Voices, inundating the tribunal corridors

Of the neighbourhood, the city, the world,

Tv and the web. Leaving the only words

That count engraved in marble, epitaph


On the tombstone of a suicidal man,


In loving memory of Mallory Dupe.

Beloved husband of Helen and loving

Father to Giselle. Shamelessly killed

By rumours. No redemption granted.


[Featured painting: Gossip by Basukinath Dasgupta]

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