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It’s been too long

Date Written: November 12, 2017

It’s been three months since I last,

And I thought I wouldn’t mind, I sufficed

My hands engaging, writing delicate words

Overwhelming spirit only craving,


Transcendence of my thoughts

To the esoteric demesne of the unknown.


Yet I now find myself, dreaming carnal dreams

At night, unwilling to wake up to indulge

A little more, in the arms of faceless fantasy

Seducing me in warmth. A lover’s touch,


Rolling under covers in the mist

Of vapours exhaling from intensifying breaths,

Whimpering over painful delights

Of pleasure, eyes closed


Until they open to discover

It was sun beams caressing, not a body

Nor a smile, sensual gaze disappearing

In consciousness arousal as I strive,


To return to sub realms lost in REM

As fast as they flashed before me

Seven seconds of intimacy I thought,

I did not need.


Untranscending anatomy rooted

In the corporeal demesne of the known.


[Featured painting: Sensual Dreams by Pino Daeni]

One comment on “It’s been too long”

  1. River.Ophelia     November 12, 2017

    beautifully written…
    could feel the yearnings of carnal desires
    I loved it, Aurora 🙂

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