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Jigsaw Silence

Date Written: October 24, 2017

Keep quite. Listen to the sounds
of unquietable silence, restless air
around you, a million frantic
particles you inhale, heed them as they
penetrate deep inside you.

Follow their course as they enter nasal
cavities to conquer a pass
through your pharynx, caressing
vocal chords, your larynx violins,
gliding to destination through abysses

of trachea plunging, straight into your lungs.
Follow their way back to exhale then focus
beyond. Trail the million frantic particles
their complex parkour as they spread,
within you. Notice the unsilenceable

beat of the mighty bloody pump, tune in
to its rhythm as it releases red
lymph flowing though fragile conduits,
veins, nurturing vital organs, muscles,
bones, flesh. Master the composition

of body fluids playing the sounds
of unquietable silence. Feel
the recurring vibration in your ears
as you swallow, the transparent lubricant
incessantly inundating your mouth.

The bubbly clicks of saliva as it struggles
to prevent your teeth from decaying,
creating enzymes to digest, sustenance
slithering through an open palatine veil
falling down the oesophagus to reach

your stomach. Not in your heart, not in
your brain but there, precisely there
if you concentrate just a little more
will you hear the comeliest voice of all.
It does not speak into your ear, it sings

from within, you perceive it the most
in times of intense happiness or pain, though
it is always there, suave, sublime, divine,
relentlessly murmuring words of wisdom
to the totality of your essence.

The only one who truly loves you, the one
you hear the less, the one trying to tell you,
you are beautiful and perfect as you are.
Jigsaw tabs and pockets of a puzzle portraying
the mesmerising silent mystic figure of a creature,

Whose name is Humanity and frame is the Universe.

[Featured painting: L13, oil on canvas by Tomasz Alen Kopera, 2013]

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