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Date Written: October 27, 2017

Pains to remind
privileges of heath.

Hard, calcified teeth
in jaws to bite off
what you can chew
to fuel the body until
shooting throbs carried
by nerves to the brain
make you plead
for tears to conquer relief.

Skeletons walking miles
held-up straight by spine
to wander earth as pleased
until your movement blocks
bends you in two and makes
you hold your breath at each
imaginary stubbing as you
wait to exhale and recover.

Heart pounding to diffuse
oxygen through veins
for flow to deliver essentials
to substance until
the day a striking ache
creeps up your left arm
puts an end to all other pains
with its last final beat.

[Featured painting: Pain by Tithi Biswas]

One comment on “Pains”

  1. River.Ophelia     October 27, 2017

    ay, there’s the rub…
    all too true, Aurora
    I loved it

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