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Pleading Essence

Date Written: October 25, 2017

Touch me, with the tip of your fingers let,
tidal vibrations gently flow from your veins,
through your limbs straight into me. Throb,
pulsate, overwhelm me with your power, invade

my nerves with the notes you compose, oh
so delightfully. Inundate my tangible self
with your essence as palms, ineluctably reach
for more. Caress the skin, make me shiver, enjoy

the tremors of the chords you play, oh so sublimely.
Move closer, embrace me, cover me in
your sentiments, introduce me to them let’s,
listen to the pounding tune of palpitations

and when, my head starts spinning continue,
don’t pull away, excruciate your instrument,
perform your best, make it hard for me
to breathe but hold me, as I groan and lose

my grip, while knees inexorably weaken.

[Featured painting: unknown]

2 comments on “Pleading Essence”

  1. Bongani     October 25, 2017

    “Introduce me to them let`s,
    listen to the pounding tune of palpitations“.
    These words manifest the genuine essence of
    true love inflamed in your veins….as you caress
    your soulmate with the warmth of your soft embrace.

    You`ve got the ability to express words in a
    unique way that make the toes winkle and that
    moves emotions dance delightfully upon the moon.


  2. aurorakastanias     October 26, 2017

    thank you so very much!

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