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Sheltered by Toxic Air

Date Written: October 27, 2017

Fertile precincts of toxic air, colourless
And unstable create, inexistent boundaries
Of oxygen raped, by electrical discharges
Ultraviolet caress. An atom more turns

The unscented scent into a pungent odour,
Pale blue molecules high temperatures detonate
While low ones, solidify in violet black coagula,
Generous enough to retain, for humanity

And wildlife and all beneath, a gaseous form
Up high to shield, the delicate planet hosting
Sparkles of consciousness from its star’s deadly
Compromising radiations, absorbing them to grant

A frail, balance through its presence in stratosphere
We know, as our fragile sheltering ozone layer,
Descending just a little lower to become once more,
Breathable life bearing oxygen penetrating

Our lungs inundating a system, flowing through
Veins where the pale blue molecules spring only,
Every now and then in white blood cells, fighting
Illful intruders ensuring, survival of amazing wonders.

[Featured painting: World Ozone Day Poster Competition 2015, First place 5-11 year old category, Andrew Raghunanan, Charlieville ASJA Primary]

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