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Virtual Strangers

Date Written: October 27, 2017

Channels I long refused to explore, suspicious
of authenticity prospects, auspicious contacts,
using the web of a poisonous spider, to comply
with society, posting illusions, tweeting whims.

Social circles to flaunt an image, attempting to say
something unheard, as I, unable to scent the body
humours of connecting minds, build a fortress erecting
firewalls of scepticism for a glimpsing human touch,


in a suit knitted with closeness pretence threads,
between persons separated by oceans, mountains
so high climbers suffocate at their summit, so far
from the ground they are as virtual as this acquaintance.

An encounter with the unknown, for all I know is we both
artfully pen realities to undress the masked and imagine
a nascent bond inspiring these words, out of my mind
and onto the keyboard, just as your words unexpectedly

slithered out of the screen and straight into me.

[Featured painting: I meant to by Lorraine Christie]

One comment on “Virtual Strangers”

  1. River.Ophelia     November 1, 2017

    too true
    all lies anyway
    nice work, Aurora 🙂

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